10 Best Box Art Of Games in 2013

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Cover gives you the very first sight about the game, you can judge the game from its cover photo. Box Art of any game represent the characters, themes, and action. In 2013, there are some are the best games released with the most attractive cover and art photo.

Here we have some best Box Art of the games which was released in 2013, have a look at these covers below:

The Last of Us:

The world of The Last of Us is desolate and hopeless, which comes across clearly in this image.


Dragon’s Crown:

In this Box art, there are almost every main character that is in game.


Both playable character Male and Female.

TearawayBattlefield 4:


battlefield-4BioShock Infinite (Alternate):

This cover communicates the era, setting, and one of the major figures in the game.

goodbioshock300GTA V:

The best game of the year 2013, with the traditional box art, covering the main characters of the game.


tomb-raideAssassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

A perfect look for the pirate look…..

assassins-creed-4-iv-black-flag-ps3-box-artNeed for Speed Rivals:

Best cover for the racing game for any platform.

need-for-speed-rivalsSuper Mario 3D World:

The game not for the kids only but also for the teen and adults.