Angry Birds Go Achievements


Angry Birds is now racing kart game from Riot and available for iPhone, iPad iOS, Android, Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone 8. Check below the complete list of 68 achievements with total 520 Gamerscore points.

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Angry Birds Go Achievements Guide

Tick Like a Bomb (10 Points)

Unlock Bomb.

Pink Big (10 Points)

Unlocked Stella.

1,000 Meter Stare (10 Points)

Unlock Terence.

Three’s Company (10 Points)

Unlock The Blues.

Bringing Home the Bacon (10 Points)

Unlock King Pig.

Walking on Egg Shells (10 Points)

Unlock Matilda.

Nose Tickler (10 Points)

Unlock Foreman Pig.

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Bubbly Personality (10 Points)

Unlock Bubbles.

At Attention (10 Points)

Unlock Corporal Pig.

Coming Back at Ya (10 Points)

Unlock Hal.

Time Flies (10 Points)

Unlock Chuck.

Challenge Hunter (5 Points)

Complete 30 Sets of Challenges.

Challenge Hero (10 Points)

Complete 90 Sets of Challenges.

Challenge Guru (15 Points)

Complete 180 Sets of Challenges.

Challenge Superstar (20 Points)

Complete 360 Sets of Challenges.

Challenge Master (30 Points)

Complete 720 Sets of Challenges.

Drift Master (5 Points)

Drift 10,000 meters.

Flying High (5 Points)

Fly 10,000 meters.

Ultimate Overtaker (5 Points)

Slipstream 10,000 meters.

New Paint Job (5 Points)

Grind 10,000 meters.

Power Hungry (5 Points)

Use 100 Power-Ups.

Power Mad (10 Points)

Use 300 Power-Ups.

Power Master (15 Points)

Use 500 Power-Ups.

Speed Tweaker (5 Points)

Fully upgrade the Semi-Skimmer.

Speed Tuner (5 Points)

Fully upgrade the Spoon Mobile.

Bumpy Tweaker (5 Points)

Fully upgrade the Beach Buggy.

Bumpy Modder (5 Points)

Fully upgrade the Royal Blue.

Bumpy Tuner (5 Points)

Fully upgrade the Green Machine.

Flight Tweaker (5 Points)

Fully upgrade the Sardine Sailor.

Flight Modder (5 Points)

Fully upgrade the Ham Glider.

Flight Tuner (5 Points)

Fully upgrade the Barrel Roller.

Extreme Tweaker (5 Points)

Fully upgrade the Soda-Supreme.

Extreme Modder (5 Points)

Fully upgrade the Matchstick Mobile.

Extreme Tuner (5 Points)

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Fully upgrade the Rocket Racer.

Fruit Samurai (5 Points)

Splat 10,000 Fruit.

Breaking and Entering (5 Points)

Break 500 Obstacles.

My New Career (5 Points)

Win 10 Races.

Road to Victory (5 Points)

Win 50 Races.

Season Leader (10 Points)

Win 100 Races.

Downhill Master (10 Points)

Win 500 Races.

Ultimate Racer (15 Points)

Win 1,000 Races.

Coin Collector (5 Points)

Collect 10,000 coins.

Coin Crazy (5 Points)

Collect 50,000 coins.

Bankable Star (10 Points)

Collect 100,000 coins.

Gold Master (10 Points)

Collect 250,000 coins.

Worth Your Weight in Gold (10 Points)

Collect 500,000 coins.

One on One Victor (5 Points)

Win 50 Vs Races.

Century Egg (5 Points)

Win 100 Vs Races.

All-star Overtaker (5 Points)

Win 500 Vs Races.

Hall of Fame (5 Points)

Win 1,000 Vs Races.

Little Star (5 Points)

Get 10 Three Star Score Ratings.

Constellation Collector (5 Points)

Get 25 Three Star Score Ratings.

Supernova (10 Points)

Get 50 Three Star Score Ratings.

Milky Way (10 Points)

Get 100 Three Star Score Ratings.

Galaxy Smasher (15 Points)

Get 250 Three Star Score Ratings.

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Collection Starter (5 Points)

Unlock 1 Hasbro Kart.

Double Fun (5 Points)

Unlock 2 Hasbro Karts.

Sweet Trio (5 Points)

Unlock 3 Hasbro Karts.

Garage Builder (5 Points)

Unlock 4 Hasbro Karts.

Garage Owner (5 Points)

Unlock 5 Hasbro Karts.

Kart Mogul (5 Points)

Unlock 6 Hasbro Karts.

Kart Collector (5 Points)

Unlock 7 Hasbro Karts.

True Collector (5 Points)

Unlock 8 Hasbro Karts.

Hero Collector (5 Points)

Unlock 9 Hasbro Karts.

Superstar Collector (5 Points)

Unlock 10 Hasbro Karts.

Master Collector (5 Points)

Unlock 11 Hasbro Karts.

Ultimate Collector (5 Points)

Unlock 12 Hasbro Karts.

Jenga Master (5 Points)

Play the Jenga Game 100 times.