Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag – Hideout Upgrade Guide


Upgrade your Hideout to unlock the some cool features that will help you throughout your gameplay. You can hire drunken pirates and dancers for free, and also to give the Hideout on Great Inagua a personal touch. Below you can find how you can upgrade your Hideout and what features you will unlock by upgrading.

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Primary Cove Upgrades:

You can buy Primary Cove upgrades at your Hideout, you can buy some of them at the manor, while others can be purchased scattered around the island.

Harbormaster: (Cost 500)

  • You will unlock Harbormaster Shop on Pier.

Tavern: (Cost 3,500)

  • You will unlock Tavern on Pier.

General Store: (Cost 700)

  • You will unlock a General Store on Pier.

Brothel: (Cost 15,000)

  • This will allow you to hire Dancers to distract guards for free.

Campfire: (Cost 7,000)

  • This will allow you to hire Drunk Pirates to brawl for free.

Manor Façade: (Cost 6,000)

  • This will upgrade Cosmetic.

Manor Tower and Gardens: (Cost 18,000)

  • This will upgrade Cosmetic.

Manor Guest House: (Cost 40,000)

  • You will unlock FTFY Achievement/Trophy.

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