Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag – Jackdaw Elite Upgrade Locations Guide


Upgrade your pirate ship in Assassin’s Creed 4, upgraded it with more cannons, stronger hulls, and new abilities and new weapons. You can find theses upgrades at the different locations on the map in hidden chest.

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In addition to upgrades, ship can be repaired, and will have an expandable crew. Upgrades can be acquired through raiding, looting ships full of cargo for their goods and in turn exchanging them for a profit.

You can spend money to purchase upgrades for The Jackdaw, these can be weapon upgrades such as the number of cannons, or aesthetic upgrades like the colour of the sails.


Finding all the upgrades for your ship Jackdaw will unlock this Achievement/Trophy.

Destroyer (40 Points / Bronze):

  • Fully Upgrade the Jackdaw.

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Elite Upgrade Locations:

Here is the list of all the upgrades that you can find in the game and can upgrade your ship without spending the money.

Elite Round Shot:

  • Map: Location is Kabah Ruins and can be found at: 769, 145 Coordinates.

Elite Hull:

  • Map: Location is San Ignacio and can be found at: 379, 770 Coordinates.

Elite Swivel Guns:

  • Map: Location is Devil’s Eye Cave and can be found at: 488, 353 Coordinates.

Elite Harpoon:

  • Map: Location is Andreas Island and can be found at: 579, 720 Coordinates.

Elite Broadside Cannons:

  • Map: Location is The Blue Hole and can be found at: 471, 170 Coordinates.

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Elite Heavy Shot STORAGE :

  • Map: Location is Petite Cavern and can be found at: 901, 263 Coordinates.

Elite Fire Barrels:

  • Map: Location is San Juan and can be found at: 479, 487 Coordinates.

Elite Fire Barrel Storage:

  • Map: Location is Isla Providencia and can be found at: 502, 44 Coordinates.

Elite Ram:

  • Map: Location is La Concepcion Shipwreck and can be found at: 181, 296 Coordinates.

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  • tom

    Elite Heavy Shot STORAGE is in Petite Cavern, not Elite Heavy Shot. Please update. And for the love of God, someone please figure out where the actual Heavy Shot plan is…it’s driving me crazy.

    • Tristan

      Couldn’t tell you where the treasure map itself is, but it is at Misteriosa (I think I spelled it right).
      You’ll need the map first.

    • Khurram


  • Tim

    Where’s the Elite Mortar found?

    • Taylor Skrinski

      Antocha Wreck 630,660

  • Challson

    The elite heavy shot map is at a shipreck. It’s called Ambergris Key and it’s at the very east of the map. Find the smugglers den and then you will find the map.

  • Jimmy

    Where’s The Elite Fire Barrel Upgrade? Do you need the online missions to get it?
    It’s my last ship upgrade
    Someone Help Me Figure It Out!!!

    • Jimmy

      I Manage To Find 19 Out Of 22 Treasure Chests
      And I Hear There’s 3 Treasure Maps That Are Require To Play Online To Receive Them
      Does Any Gamer Out There Know If It’s True
      Help Me Out 99% Completion Of The Game
      It’s Really Getting To Me

      • Nokinobu

        The uplay passport has now become free on the online stores of your console so you can get it now to get that. “needs online access to complete” things that it unlocks. :)

  • BlindBraille

    Great job morons. The fire barrel is wrong, good to see you just pull your info from other websites and not bother to check it at all. If any of you want to scroll over the fire barrel “location” on the map you’ll see there is no upgrade plan there. These lazy idiots got it wrong. No idea where they are. Last upgrade I need tho.

    • minecraftmonkeys

      i know and i wish they would tell us where to look if you can only get it from the map

  • Jack Bateman

    xbox 360 – find the map at Ambergris Key (55,178) then go to misteriosa and is behind highest building in front of fountain

  • Nokinobu

    This link provides correct locations but only for the skips actuall armaments

  • minecraftmonkeys

    where is the dead guy for harpoon

  • minecraftmonkeys

    and wheres mortor storage