Batman: Arkham Origin Combat Guide


Batman’s current target is a man named Roman Sionis (AKA Black Mask), a criminal mastermind who has taken control of much of the city’s underworld. To survive the night, Batman must utilize all of his training and keen instincts to disable his foes.

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In order to survive and defeat your enemies you need to know all about the game combat, you have to be master in Moves and Combos, use stealth to get closer to your enemy, take cover and kill, be silent and move quickly also many other things you need to keep in mind while you are facing them.

Below we have the full and detail guide of every single move, combo and strategy that you can use during your fight and can kill all of your enemies so easily. But before you have to know about the game interface first:


The green bar in the upper left corner shows Batman’s current experience (XP) level. Batman can earn XP by defeating criminals. When the green bar is filled he may purchase an upgrade from WayneTech.


The blue bar underneath the XP gauge displays Batman’s health. Purchase upgrades from the Wayne Tech menu to add additional armor to the Batsuit, making it more resilient to gunfire or melee attacks.


The compass can be found at the top of the screen. Waypoints appear on here, indicating the direction Batman should travel in to reach his objective.


Batman’s arsenal is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen. Progress through the story to unlock additional gadgets.

Combat Guide:


Use W/A/S/D to move Batman through the environment. Holding SPACE while moving causes Batman to run. While running, Batman automatically jumps and climbs over obstacles. You will use Left-click to strike the enemies.

Countering Attacks:

When an enemy is about to attack Batman, a lightning bolt icon appears above their head. Before the icon disappears, right-click to counter the attack..


Middle-click to cape stun an enemy. In their confusion, Batman can land a beatdown attack, aerial attack, or make a quick getaway using the grapnel gun. Some enemies must be stunned before they can be attacked.


Batman can leap over enemies or dive away from attacks by pressing SPACE SPACE.


String together strikes, counters, gadgets, stuns, and evasive moves without taking or missing a hit to create a combo. Combos multiply the amount of XP Batman receives from a fight. The current multiplier is displayed under Batman’s health bar. If Batman is attacked or takes too long to land the next hit, then the multiplier ends.

Detective Vision:

Tap X to activate Detective Vision at any time. Detective Vision gives Batman an alternate view of his surroundings, enabling him to spot enemies, hiding spots, and structural weaknesses in the environment.

Hiding spots, such as gargoyles and grates, and other objects of interest, like security cameras and doors, appear orange in color. Enemies with weapons also appear orange, while unarmed enemies are blue. Structurally unsound walls that Batman can break through or destroy appear translucent, with an “explosion” icon superimposed over them.

While using Detective Vision, Batman also receives tactical information on enemies and objects, such as what weapons or equipment an enemy has or the specific function of a control panel, such as security systems or door locks.

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By holding X in certain situations, Batman can scan the area for clues. Use this tool to analyze evidence, or mark out-of-reach Enigma Data pack locations for future retrieval.

Crime Scenes:

The GCPD have set up Crime Scenes to investigate suspicious deaths throughout the streets of Gotham City. Batman can solve these crimes by searching the area for clues and holding SPACE to recreate the sequence of events. Left-click and hold to scrub back, or right-click and hold to scrub forward through these reconstructions and review the Crime Scenes for any vital clues to the investigation.

Invisible Predator:

During his time away from Gotham, Batman trained to become an expert at hunting from the shadows and striking fear into the minds of his enemies. Tonight, those techniques and tools will be put to the test.

Vantage Points

The gargoyles keeping watch over Gotham make the perfect spot for Batman to avoid detection and survey his enemies. Combined with Detective Vision, crouching on a vantage point provides an excellent opportunity to plan the best way to take out foes.

Corner Cover/Corner Cover Takedown:

While hidden in Corner Cover, Batman can take out any approaching, unaware enemy when they move into close proximity. While crouching, press SPACE to take cover and right-click to initiate the takedown with the target in range.

Silent Takedown:

To knock out an enemy without alerting nearby foes, hold LCTRL to crouch and sneak up behind the target. Once in position, right-click to initiate a takedown.

Knockout Smash:

During a Silent Takedown, Batman can instantly render an enemy unconscious by clicking the left mouse button. However, this move is noisy and will attract nearby enemies.

Double Takedown:

Move silently behind two unaware enemies and right-click to dish out a skull-cracking move that knocks them both out simultaneously.

Inverted Takedown:

If Batman is perched atop a gargoyle and an enemy wanders underneath Batman, stand on or hang from the gargoyle/ vantage point and right-click to ambush them. Note that this move is not silent and will attract nearby enemies. Be prepared to move!

Grate Takedown:

If an unaware enemy wanders by while Batman is hiding under a floor grate, right-click to leap out and knock them unconscious. This move is noisy, and will cause other enemies to investigate the grate.

Ledge Takedown:

While hanging from a ledge, right-click to reach up and grab an enemy on the walkway above, pulling them over the edge and knocking them out. This takedown is noisy and will attract nearby enemies.

Hanging Ledge Takedown:

If Batman is standing on a ledge, or perched on a railing directly above an enemy, he can drop down and use his legs to silently choke the enemy unconscious.

Window/Wooden Wall Takedown:

When Batman finds himself on the opposite side of a window or weakened wall from an enemy, he can smash through and instantly knock out his opponent. This move generates a lot of noise and will attract any nearby enemies.


Batman’s cape is specifically designed to allow gliding through the air over long distances. When in the air, Hold SPACE to deploy Batman’s cape and use the mouse to guide his descent.

Dive Boost:

Use the mouse to aim downward while gliding to make Batman dive straight down and then pull up to gain a boost in speed and height. Use this to glide longer distances, or catch unsuspecting enemies with a brutal tackle

Grapnel Gun:

Batman’s grapnel gun is an essential tool for speedy navigation. Simply tap F and Batman will instantly grapple and climb to the nearest ledge. Press LCTRL at any time during a grapple to disengage the hook. The grapnel gun can be upgraded to boost the speed of the grapnel line, launching Batman high in the air. Combined with Dive Boosts and Glides, Batman can cover huge distances without ever touching the ground


While running, press CTRL and Batman will perform a slide kick. Sliding can be used to navigate under small gaps, instantly remove vent covers, or initiate combat.

Drop Attack:

When Batman is above an enemy, he can perform a Drop Attack if a Bat symbol appears above their head. Left-click when the symbol appears to drop down on an enemy.

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Glide Kick:

While gliding, or perched on a vantage point, Batman can initiate a Glide Kick on any enemy in range. When the Bat symbol appears above an enemy’s head, left-click and Batman will automatically glide down and attack.


Batman is well known for his arsenal of crime-fighting technology. Properly utilizing Batman’s gadgets is crucial for surviving the night. He begins the evening with a small number of gadgets, but can acquire more by defeating certain enemies, completing side missions, and purchasing upgrades through WayneTech. Gadgets are selected with the mouse wheel.


Batman’s signature weapon can be used to stun foes or hit out of reach objects. Right-click and hold to aim, and left-click to throw the Batarang. Alternatively, tap 1 to quickly fire a Batarang. Up to three Batarangs can be thrown in succession.

Remote Control Batarang:

The Remote Controlled Batarang is useful for hitting out of reach switches and objects. Batman can control the speed and direction of the Batarang as it flies through the air. It can also be upgraded to fire a pre-programmed Batarang that will loop back on itself and hit an enemy from behind.

Bat Claw:

The Batclaw is used primarily to interact with out of reach objects and pull them towards Batman. Right-click and hold to aim, and left-click to fire the Batclaw. The Batclaw can be upgraded to disarm gun-wielding enemies.

Explosive Gel:

Batman’s Explosive Gel is used to temporarily incapacitate enemies or destroy structurally weakened objects. Right-click and hold to aim, and left-click to place a charge of Explosive Gel. To detonate the gel, Middle-Click while Holding Right-Click. Up to three charges may be placed before detonation.

Cryptographic Sequencer:

The Cryptographic Sequencer comes in handy when Batman needs to decrypt a secure radio frequency, hack into a security console, or break an electronic door lock. Right-click and hold to aim, left-click to deploy the tool, and then use A/D and left-click/right-click to interact with the device.

Smoke Pellet:

Smoke pellets flood the area with a disorientating smoke. The smoke can be used defensively, allowing Batman to escape while under fire, or offensively to create confusion among enemies. Right-click and hold to aim, left-click to throw a Smoke pellet, or tap 6 to drop a pellet at Batman’s feet.

Remote Claw:

The remote claw can be used to creating new pathways for traversal. Right-click and hold to aim, and left-click to automatically deploy a tightrope between two anchor points, or middle-click to choose the 2nd target. The remote claw can also be used to attach two enemies to one another, or launch an object at an enemy.

The remote claw can be upgraded to allow Batman to perform takedowns while walking or ziplining across the tightrope. It can be further upgraded to allow Batman to suspend enemies from above. Tightrope capacity is limited, though it can be increased via upgrades.

Concussion Detonator:

This gadget can be used to temporarily disorient enemies. Tap – twice to quick fire the concussion detonator. After a brief delay, it will explode – stunning anyone caught within the blast.

This gadget can be upgraded to increase stun duration and area of effect.

Glue Grenade:

Use this gadget to restrain a single enemy. Additionally, the unique chemical composition of the glue grenade means it can be used to create a temporary platform which will float on water. Right-click and hold to aim, and left-click to throw a grenade.

This gadget can be upgraded to create glue clusters. These allow you to ensnare multiple enemies at the same time. Right-click and hold to aim the glue grenade, and then left-click to throw a cluster.  Both versions of the glue grenade can be upgraded further, allowing them to be used as proximity-triggered mines if thrown using a middle-click instead of a left-click.


The Disruptor can be used to remotely disable firearms, signal jammers, and gun-boxes. Right-click and hold to aim, and left-click and hold to disable the targeted device. It may be used up to two times before requiring a recharge. This gadget can be upgraded to disable mines as well as PA systems in predator rooms.

Shock Gloves:

The Shock Gloves can be used to provide electricity to unpowered generators and other devices, opening up new areas for Batman. When prompted, hold SPACE to charge a device. They can also be used to administer a non-lethal shock to enemies. When prompted in combat, right-click + left-click to activate the gloves, and left-click to deliver an electrified strike.

Bat Computer:

Press TAB at any time to access the Batcomputer. From here Batman can set waypoints, review character dossiers, or access WayneTech to purchase new gadget upgrades and skills. Press Q/E to switch between the five main Batcomputer functions.

Most Wanted:

Here Batman can access all of the latest information on opt-in missions spread throughout Gotham City. They are organized by the head of various criminal operations that Batman needs to track down. Each Most Wanted File will bring up a map showing any known objectives that Batman has discovered thus far. With a known objective highlighted, press BACKSPACE to make it your current objective by setting it as your waypoint