Batman: Arkham Origins How to Unlock All Costumes


Just like the previous Batman games, you can swap the costumes, now in Batman: Arkham Origins you can also change your outfit skin, also these outfit skins will actually appear in cut-scenes. Find out how you can unlock these new and awesome skins in the game.

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Unlockable Costumes

There are 6 costumes in-game which can be unlock by complete different tasks, complete these tasks and get these costumes.


You will get this at the start of the Campaign.

New 52 Graphic:

You need to capture every Most Wanted target to unlock this outfit.

Dark Knight:

To unlock DARK KNIGHT outfit to have to complete Dark Knight Challenges in game.


Find out all Enigma Datapacks and get this Noel skin.


To unlock this skin earn all Medals in Challenge Mode.

Blackest Night:

Earn Prestige in Multiplayer mode to unlock this.

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DLC Costumes

6 more costumes which will be available in the DLC pack of the game, you need to pre-order the game to get these costumes.

One Million (Free DLC): Register with WBID.

Deathstroke (Pre-order):

Pre-order the game at Gamestop, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Amazon or purchase it.

Knightfall Pack (PS3 Pre-order):

Exclusive pre-order Skin for PS3 players.

  1. Adam West
  2. Futuristic Batman

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Skin Pack:

There are 3 different skin packs, each pack have diriment skins in it. Below you will get the detail of every pack.


Pre-ordering game at US: Walmart or AU: JB Hi-Fi. This pack will include the following skins.

  1. Long Halloween
  2. Batman ThrillKiller
  3. Batman Earth 2
  4. Batman: Dark Knight of the Round Table


  1. First Appearance 1939
  2. Red Son
  3. Noel
  4. Blackest Knight
  5. 2006 to 2008 Tim Drake Robin


  1. Earth-2 Bruce Wayne
  2. The Long Halloween
  3. Earth-2 New Batman
  4. Thrillkiller Batman
  5. Batman: Dark Knight of the Round Table
  6. 1989 to 2006 Classing Tim Drake Robin

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  • Deku-Johnny

    Can’t believe they haven’t brought back the Batman Beyond costume from City. That was the best one, I guess we might see it in the future in the form of DLC, I hope so anyway.

    • Rocker Kid

      Used that one on my replays too, wish they’d let us use the costume we want from the beginning though. Guess they didn’t listen last game.