Battlefield 4 PS3 and Xbox360 Crashes, Freezes and Issues


As Battlefield 4 is going to release for PC, PS3 and Xbox360, we have already made Battlefield 4 PC crashes but there can be also many possible crashes, issues and problems occurs in PlayStation 3 and Xbox360. Check below to get most of crashes and errors’ fixes guide.

Battlefield 4 Xbox 360 Installation

A battlefield 4 Xbox360 version contains two disc, one for single player campaign and one for multiplayer. Battlefield 4 requires 2 GB of free space in your console’s internal hard drive for game’s data installation. Here remember one thing that requires 2 GB free space should be in internal hard drive not on external or other alternative storage devices.

The installation requires improving gameplay experience and reducing game loading time. So it is highly recommended to have at least 2 GB of free space in Xbox360 internal hard drive.

Battlefield 4 Profile Data Damaged or Corrupted on Xbox360

If you are facing problem regarding to your Battlefield 4 profile or getting error ‘Existing profile player data appears to be damaged and cannot be used’ try the following possible steps to fix this issue.

  1. On Xbox360 Dashboard, go to System Settings
  2. Select your Hard Drive then Games
  3. Choose Battlefield 4 then select the ‘Profile Save Data
  4. Delete it and made a new profile

Hope it works… but it will delete your single player campaign save progress…

Battlefield 4 Stats Reset Issues

This is a known issue and developers are working on it, so be patience and wait for patch to fix this issue.

More Battlefield 4 Xbox360 and PlayStation 3 crashes and problems will update soon…

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Battlefield 4 Getting Stuck On Loading Screen On Xbox360

This is very known issue that Xbox360 users can get stuck in a long loading screen during joining a server. This issue can be resolved by applying the multiplayer update, just download and install that update.

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Battlefield 4 BattlePack Redemption Issues On PS3

Currently, there is an issue affecting BattlePack code redemption on PS3. Just restart Battlefield 4 to receive them if problem persists then restarts your console.

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  • Locoz31

    What the hell is this guy tring to say?

  • Jason Mitchell

    bah …. 360 is freezing in multiplayer. just finished a 6 hour session and it froze 7 times.

  • Garrett

    On ps3 the campaign gets deleted everytime and Multiplayer the hitmarkers dissapear and when i rank up and go to another match i lose a rank. Wtf dice. Dont release it if it isnt ready! I kinda dont wanna play nomore. I got far on the campaign 3 times and they got deleted. Stop being greedy and take your time to make the game. Dont just reskin bf3 and add new weapons and release it.

    • starkraving

      My friend and I have had the same issues with campaign data being erased. kinda a bummer.

  • romeedee

    Just be patient, and hand over your money to EA/DICE.

  • Lucas Duarte

    Man, a i have a problem with my Battlefield 4 on campaign, a put the single player disk on my XBOX 360, press start before the apresentation and so.. the game crash, appears a black screen and my XBOX freezing, any suggestions ? thanks and sorry my bad english hehe