Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan Rules Detail


In an FAQ Video Infinity Ward and Game Developers gives the answers of some questions about the Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan Rules Detail, this is about the early clan registration and new guidelines.

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This will allow player to create their own clan as well as to join the other clan. According to the FAQ, Call of Duty Elite clans are required to register on First-come and First-Served basis, which also states that leaders can register their members’ names.

Only those player will be able to serve their current clan name in Call of Duty: Ghosts clan name, which are player Call of Duty Elite. Additionally, new players, or players that don’t already have a Call of Duty® Elite account, can sign-up for a free Call of Duty account, and then create their own Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan, or join an existing one.

Clans in Call of Duty: Ghosts will include deeper in-game integration and more features,” states the FAQ. “From in-game clan management and clan-specific playlists to the all-new Call of Duty Clan Wars game mode available in the new Call of Duty app. This year also introduces cross-platform clans.”

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In an question about the benefits of Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan they said, “Being in a Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan, players can look forward to:

  1. Participating in Call of Duty Clan Wars: the new Call of Duty app game mode that ties directly into Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer, where you and your friends will compete against other Clans to earn bonus multiplayer XP and exclusive items.
  2. Playing in Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan-Only playlists.
  3. An entirely new Clan leveling system that offers Clan Members more opportunities to earn Clan XP.
  4. Clan management functionality, both in-game and in the new Call of Duty app.
  5. Notifying Clan Members that you’re heading into a match with the touch of a button via the Call of Duty app’s Clan Chat and Rally-Up features.

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Source: Infinity Ward