Call of Duty: Ghosts Game Modes Guide


With the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts today, we have some detail guide about the Multiplayer Game Modes of the game. This time there are about 11 Modes in Call of Duty: Ghosts, in which 4 are shown in previous title of COD and 7 are new Modes this time. Below we have detail of the Modes which will help to understand the game in Multiplayer.

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Modes Detail and Guide:

Here is the list of all the 11 Modes that you can play in the multiplayer of the game.

Free for All:

You don’t need any detail about it, it’s FFA Mode, 8 players, 10 Min time limit and you have to get 30 kills in match and have to most kill to other players to win.

Note: You can change the Match time limit and kill limit if you are going to host your own server with your friends.

Team Death-Match:

Another classic Mode TDM, 2 teams, 10 Min and have to get 75 kills or most kill in time limit reach.

Note: You can change the Match time limit and kill limit if you are going to host your own server with your friends.

Search and Destroy:

This is the most played mode in Call of Duty series, Search and Destroy, Two team, first team task is to plant the bomb at a choice of two sites in 5 min, while other team have to defend these sites. In this mode you won’t re-spawn till the end of the round.


4th and last Mode form previous COD games, you know all about it, Two teams, there are 3 flags scattered in the map and players have to take control and defend the captured flag from the other team players. Need 200 points to win and team will get 2-3 points in it control 2-3 flags.

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Search and Rescue:

Just like Search and Destroy, but slightly different from it, in Search and Destroy you have only one life, if you die you won’t revive, but in Search and Rescue you will revive again. It combines that teamwork and communication from Kill Confirmed with the objective-based cooperation of Search and Destroy.


New Mode in Team Death-Match, in this mode when you will other player you will become Cranked, after the kill you will get the new ability such as faster movement or fast reload. And more interesting a time period start of 30 sec in this time you have to kill another player if you fail to kill in 30 sec you will explode.  In this mode, players not only end up competing against the competition, but also against the clock.

Time will reset if you gets the kill.

Kill Confirmed:

Just like TDM, but little bit hard, Two team battle, in you kill an enemy, it will drop a Dog Tag and you have to get this tag to get the point for your team, means you have to collect the fallen Dog Tags to win this battle. If you pick up the Tag of your teammate you will save a point mean no point for the enemy team. Need 100 points to win the game.

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It is similar to the Capture the Flag Mode, but this time there are no flag at the battlefield, in this Blitz Mode, Map is divided into two zones, 1 is your team and other is for your enemy team. Enemy zones include certain goal area. You goal is to touch these areas in the enemy zone, once you touch that zone you will get the point and after that a cool down time will start, after which you can touch again and can score again.

After scoring a point you will be teleport back to your own goal but your teammates may linger in enemy zone and can score points again and again so long as they can hold territory around a goal.


In this Mode players will be Infected and you have to kill all the Infected player, eliminate your enemies or survive till the times end.


In this Mode you have need to collect the Dog Tag which drops from the enemy team players, collect these Tags and bring them back to the objective marker to score.


Hunted – this mode is available is on both FFA and TDM battles. In this Mode there are limited resources at the start of the battle, you have to fight for control of weapon drops to gain superiority.