Call of Duty: Ghosts Rorke File Locations Guide


Intel with the name of Rorke Files, which you can collect in Call of Duty: Ghosts. These files are located at the different location throughout the game. There are 18 Rorke Files the you can find in the game, collecting all these files will aslo unlock the Achievement/Trophy: Audiophile (15g/Bronze).

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Audiophile (15g/Bronze)

  • Collect all 18 Rorke files

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Rorke File Locations:

Below we have the list of all the 18 Rorke Files that you can find in the game. Have a look.

1: Mission: Ghost Stories

As you gain the control of your character after the space sequence, Run down and stay to your right side, there you will see a car in the driveway, next to the car there is a house with an open door, you will find the first file on the ground in this house.

2: Mission: Brave New World

Near the end when you destroy two heli and go to the Headquarters, you will rendezvous with someone, you follow him up to the second floor, you will find the File here sitting on the table next to the balcony.

3: Mission: No Mans Land

You won’t miss this one, you will come to a section with a destroyed wind turbine and a large crane. After killing the enemies, follow the left hand side into a small building, where you will find the file sitting on a desk.

4: Mission: Struck Down

As when you will have a tear gas slow-motion breach of a locker room. Go into the room kill enemies and now move to you left side as you enter the room there you will find this file in the cabinet.

5: Mission: Homecoming

At the start of this mission you follow the soldiers and enter a building, here don’t go up-stairs but go to your left side there is a small room and you will find the file there.

6: Mission: Legends Never Die

Near the end of the mission as you are moving on the collapsing bridge and you enter a building, as you move to your left there are two enemies kill them and you will find the file just next to them, where you killed them.

7: Mission: Federation Day

In this mission when you cut down a small whole into the window glass, now you are in the building, move strait and then take left and again on your left there is a room, there you will find the file in the corner on right side.

8: Mission: Bids of Prey

At the very very end of the mission, as you follow the solders and enter in a room with a Man standing near the table, don’t waste the time and pick up the file from the table before the mission end.

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9: Mission: The Hunted

In this mission as you find your teammates little be far ahead, there you will see a water-fall on your left, now move to your left and you will see a Rock covered with veins, you will find the file at the bottom of that rock.

10: Mission: Clockwork

As you will come to a section where you turn on your night vision, and pass through scanner. Go up-stairs and there is a glass room with the file on the desk. You can grab in through the window, or go inside. And get your file.

11: Mission: Atlas Fall

You and your team mates will enter a control room. Your team mate will grab him. While he is busy, look to the right you will see another small room. Once you enter the File should be directly in front of you on a filing cabinet.

12: Mission: Into the Deep

Once you blow up the ship you will have to swim away from all the sinking rubble. Eventually, you will come to the top of a ship. You should see 2 little submergibles above you making their way forward to another giant ship. File is on the right on some rocks as soon as you step away from the top of the ship.  You may have to wait a while as the File sinks and lands on the rocks.

13: Mission: End of the Line

As enter in a large missile silo, turn on your camera to examine it. From the door of this room, now go down and turn left at the bottom finding the file.

14: Mission: Sin City

As you come in casino room where gates will close and your team mate will open it, crouch under the gate and turn to your left and the File is on the table.

15: Mission: All or Nothing

At the beginning of the mission, directly after putting your mask on, turn around 180 degrees, and you will find the file in one of the beds.

16: Mission: Severed Ties

After launch the missile go down and turn to your right side into the hallway, turn left into the room and find the file in this room.

17: Mission: Loki

After an explosion, you will float through a short tunnel. Directly after exiting the tube, you’ll want to kill the 2-3 enemies and then look to your left a spot a large destroyed solar panel. In between the solar panel and the short tube that you floated through, you’ll spot the file floating in space. The file moves around, so it won’t always be in the exact same spot.

18: Mission: The Ghost Killer

At start the mission while watching someone on the TV. Turn around and you should see two vehicles, one on the right and one on the left. The File is directly behind the vehicle on the right.

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