Daylight: Secret Glowstick Picture Easter Egg – Visionary Achievement/Trophy Guide


Well in daylight there are many thing to be revealed and explorer, Secret Glowstick Picture Easter Egg is one of them, and this will also unlock “Visionary” Achievement / Trophy.  You will find this Glowstick Picture in the Asylum warehouses, hold your glowstick and be ready to unlock the Achievement/Trophy.

Also need to find the Cursed Photos, check out: Daylight: Cursed Photos Locations Guide



  • Used a glowstick to unveil a secret

How to Unlock:

Here follow these steps to unlock this Achievement/Trophy, as well as Secret Glowstick Picture Easter Egg.

Note: this isn’t so much hard to miss, but in case you missed, below guide will help you to find this.

  • You need to be in Warehouse chapter to find this picture.
  • Now when you are in the 2nd section of this chapter, when you are inside a randomly generated storage house filled with metal cabinets and boxes.
  • Mover forward and you will reach a scripted event, as a ghost appears in the distance in front of you, turn to your right side and you will see the racks, there you will see the  an empty picture frame.
  • Shine your glowstick over it. Illuminating the frame will reveal a hidden image in the light.

In case you missed something or having difficulty to find the picture, watch out the video below: