The Elder Scrolls Online – Bal Foyen Skyshard Location Guide


Skyshards are interactive objects found around Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls Online. Skyshards are meant to feel like rewards for exploration of Tamriel, rather than for killing bosses or completing tasks. Skyshards can be found in public dungeons, explorable caves, and regular overland areas. For every three you will get a skill point that you can use to improve your abilities and other skills.

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If you need help to find the Skyshards inblackrock Isle, you can check Blackrock Isle Skyshards location.

Bal Foyen Skyshards Location:

Note: Here in bal Foyen I just found 2 Skyshards, which you can find on the different locations that you can see below.

If you find any other Skyshards in Bal Foyen, you can share it in the comments below, and we will share it in this article. Thanks for your help.

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Location 1:

The-elder-scrolls-online-Bal-Foyen-skyshard-01You can find the Skyshard in the area “Dhalmora” which is just a little bit far away from the started area, you can see a House icon on your map, which is a base camp. If you see on the screenshot, you will find it easily, BTW it is behind that house and covered by the rocks.

Location 2:

The-elder-scrolls-online-Bal-Foyen-skyshard-02This Skyshard can be found on the lower-left side of the map, behind the building, near the fast-travel portal. in the city. See the screenshot to find the exact location of this Skyshard.

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Location 3:

The-elder-scrolls-onl;ine-blackrock-isle-skyshard-03You can find this skyshard on the one of the ships in the shipyard up north, you can see the exact location of it in the above screenshots.

Thanks to Silverkiller

If you find any other Skyshard in this area let us know…

  • Silverkiller

    there is another in one of the ships in the shipyard

    • Khurram

      thanks for sharing…

  • Silverkiller

    there is one in one of the ships in the shipyard up north

  • Silverkiller

    attached the exact location :)

  • Stacy Amendola

    There are lore books and other things to get in this area. Get all the maps with guides (without the ads)

    They have eso guides on everything