The Elder Scrolls Online – Stonefalls Skyshard Location Guide


Skyshards are interactive objects found around Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls Online. Skyshards are meant to feel like rewards for exploration of Tamriel, rather than for killing bosses or completing tasks. Skyshards can be found in public dungeons, explorable caves, and regular overland areas. For every three you will get a skill point that you can use to improve your abilities and other skills.

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Stonefalls Skyshards Location:

Note: In Stonefalls till now 6 Skyshards founded , which you can find on the different locations that you can see below. If you find any other Skyshards in Stonefalls, you can share it in the comments below, and we will share it in this article. Thanks for your help.

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Location 1:

The-elder-scrolls-online-Stone-fall-skyshard-01You can find this Skyshard, as you enter in the area named “Stonefalls” as you enter this area, just after loading, move to your left side, jump down from the stairs and move a little bit, you will see the Skyshard. As you can see in the pic.

Location 2:

The-elder-scrolls-online-Stone-fall-skyshard-02The-elder-scrolls-online-Stone-fall-skyshard-02-1You can find this Skyshard, just outside of the “Davon’s Watch” a city on the Right-Upper side of the map of Stonefalls, see my location in the screenshot, it is a little bit higher and also on the other side of the rocks.

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Location 3:

The-elder-scrolls-online-Stone-fall-skyshard-03The-elder-scrolls-online-Stone-fall-skyshard-03-1Well this you can say it in the middle of the Stonefalls, there is a camp of enemies at my current location as you can see in the screenshot. It is behind the some rock, if you comes from the city side.

Location 4:

The-elder-scrolls-online-Stone-fall-skyshard-04The-elder-scrolls-online-Stone-fall-skyshard-04-1You can find this Skyshard just a little bit away from the Ebonheart city, it is on the right side of the city. You can see the Lava marks on the left side of the map. Or if you see my current location, I’m standing right on the Skyshard, you can easily find this.

Location 5:

The-elder-scrolls-online-Stone-fall-skyshard-05 The-elder-scrolls-online-Stone-fall-skyshard-05-1You will find this Skyshard on the upper-left side of the map, its right on the edge on the higher ground, you can see the ship from here. Also you can see the location in the screenshot, where I’m standing right now.

Location 6:

The-elder-scrolls-online-Stone-fall-skyshard-06 The-elder-scrolls-online-Stone-fall-skyshard-06-1You will find this on the lower-left side of the map, also the left side of the Kragenmoor city, this Skyshard is behind the building, you can see the location of it in the screenshot.


Location 7:


The-elder-scrolls-online-Stone-fall-skyshard-07 The-elder-scrolls-online-Stone-fall-skyshard-07-1This one can be find in a cave, you can see the location of that cave in the screenshot above and also the location of the Skyshard in the cave.

Location 8:

The-elder-scrolls-online-Stone-fall-skyshard-08 The-elder-scrolls-online-Stone-fall-skyshard-08-1You can find this Skyshard in the Inner Sea Armature, you can see the location of that cave in the screenshot. Also the location in Inner Sea Armature, it’s in the corner.

Thanks to Silverkiller

Note: You also complete a quest here in this cave.

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  • Silverkiller

    found another one in the inner sea amature attached screens with exact location

    • Khurram