Fable Anniversary Collectibles: Find all Books


Fable Anniversary features many collectibles to enhance your gameplay experience, finding all Books will unlock an achievement (Education Rules The Nation – The Children in Bowerstone have no books to read!) and award your 25 Gamerscore Points. In addition, gift all collected books to the school teacher and get a Silver Key as reward. There are total 25 Books and can be found in different areas.

Check full details and video to find each and every book from exact place one by one. For more collectibles and walkthrough:

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Fable Anniversary Books Locations Guide

To start books collecting, just go the Bowerstone South School and interact with teacher, he will give you a quest ‘Book Collection’. Now you can start finding all 25 books, just watch the videos below:

Part 1

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Part 2

Here is the full list of all books and its locations.

  1. Creatures of Albion Book I – Heroes’ Guild Area
  2. Creatures of Albion Book II – Heroes’ Guild Area
  3. Creatures of Albion Book III – Heroes’ Guild Area
  4. The Old Kingdom – Heroes’ Guild Area
  5. The Dragons – Heroes’ Guild Area
  6. The Other Land – Heroes’ Guild Area
  7. The Northern Wastes – Heroes’ Guild Area
  8. The Tale of Twinblade – Heroes’ Guild Area
  9. The Arena – Heroes’ Guild Area
  10. A Love Story – Heroes’ Guild Area
  11. The Pale Balverine – Heroes’ Guild Area
  12. The Tale of Maxley – Heroes’ Guild Area
  13. Jack of Blades – Heroes’ Guild Area
  14. Making Friends – Heroes’ Guild Area
  15. Windbreaker Rule Book – Bowerstone South Area
  16. The Repentant Alchemist – Bowerstone South Area
  17. Eyes of a Killer – Bowerstone South Area
  18. The Guild of Zeros – Bowerstone South Area
  19. You are Not a Bad Person – Bowerstone South Area
  20. The Trials of Aarkan – Oakvale Area
  21. The Oakvale Raid – Oakvale Area
  22. The Sock Method – Oakvale Area
  23. The Ugly Guide – Oakvale Area
  24. The Balverine Slayer – Knothole Glade Area
  25. The Tailor’s Tragedy – Bowerstone North Area

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