Fable Anniversary Collectibles: Find all Hero Dolls


Finding Silver Keys, Chests, Hero Dolls, Demon Doors and Books is an important part of the Fable Anniversary. There are total 7 Hero Dolls, find them and unlock an achievement (Fable heroes – The Bowerstone Teacher is on the lookout for Hero Dolls, help him find them!) and will award you 15 Gamerscore. To get a Jack of Blades Doll, just gift all collected Hero Dolls to the school teacher.

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Fable Anniversary Hero Dolls Locations Guide

During gameplay, you will be awarded the first Hero Doll, now just go to Bowerstone South School and interact to school’s teacher. A quest ‘Collect the Hero Dolls’ will be started, now find all remaining dolls. Play pub mini-games, win them and get hero doll one by one. Just watch the footage below and receive every hero doll.

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  1. Briar Rose Doll – You can find this doll in Bowerstone South pub. Just finish the Card Pairs game in under 28 seconds to win the hero doll.
  2. The Whisper Doll – Finish the Coin Golf game in under 12 strokes in the Oakvale pub.
  3. The Twinblade Doll – Finish Spot the Addition game in under 20 seconds in the Twinblade’s Camp pub.
  4. The Scarlet Robe Doll – The area is Knothole Glade pub and just win the Card Sorting game in under 25 seconds.
  5. The Maze Doll – Win the Shove Ha’penny mini-game in over 29 points in the Hook Coast pub.
  6. The Scythe Doll – Go to Snowspire Village pub and win the Coin Golf game in under 12 strokes.
  7. The Thunder Doll – Just find this doll in the arena of Bowerstone North.

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Big thanks to Gaiacrusher for guide video.