Farming Simulator 2013 Titanium Edition Career Guide


In Farming Simulator 2013 Titanium Edition, you can play campaign as career feature which allow you to make your own farm, crops, tractors and implementations etc. check below the full career guide after the break.

First Step: This is the main part of the game. You are in charge of your farm and free to develop it at your own pace. At the start of the game you can walk into the rotating symbols with question marks to get gameplay information relevant to this location. You can also use the phone booths to receive further hints about the game.

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SILOS: There are several silos at your farm where you can store your harvest temporarily. Each silo is labeled with the grain type it contains. To store your harvest in a silo you have to unload a filled tipper into the pit next to the silos. When the trailer stands in the correct position, a blue icon is displayed, and you can unload the tipper. To load a tipper you have to steer it underneath the silo of the desired grain type. The pipe opens automatically as soon as you are positioned correctly. Potatoes and sugar beets are located separately in the storage building next to the silos. Behind the building are two conveyor belts that allow you to fill your trailers.

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Purchasing Fields: To work a field you have to buy it first. Each field not in your possession has a rotating buy symbol in its center. If you activate this symbol, a description of the field is displayed (field area & price) and you receive the option to purchase it. The buy symbol of each field is at the same spot where you see the field’s number on the PDA map. Fields already in your possession are marked with green numbers on the map. Occasionally a field is being auctioned off. This gives you the opportunity to purchase the field for significantly less money, if you manage to be the highest bidder at the end of the auction. If you do not want to bid at a field auction you can always buy the field later on for the regular price.

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Hire a Worker: You can also hire a worker to help you in the fields; this person will give you a hand with a specific task, such as harvesting. You can start and stop a worker as often as you like by pressing H. Note that all work deserves a wage, and so each time you use a worker, it means money is deducted from your revenue.

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