FIFA 14 Tips and Skills Guide


In FIFA 14 Career Mode will likely keep you playing well into 2014, so it’s important you get off to the best possible start. To help you in your Career Mode we have some very important and useful Tips and Hints which will help you a lot in your Career game. As well as these tips will increase your skill level in any match you play.

FIFA 14 Tips, Hints and skills guide  helps you improve your football skills in the Xbox 360, PC, PS3. Button combinations work to execute skill moves and juggling skills on the controller for PC and Consoles both.

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Skills and Tips Video Guide

Skills List:

List of all the Skills that was shown in the Video above in order.

Fake Shot (0 Stars)

Fancy Pass (0 Stars)

Rabona (0 Stars)

Ball Lift (0 Stars)

Dummy (0 Stars)

Dummy Fake Shot (0 Stars)

Fake Shot Stop (0 Stars)

Neymar Foot Dummies/Feints (0 Stars)

Fancy Shot (0 Stars)

Flick Back (0 Stars)

Ball Juggling (1 Star)

Body Feint (2 (Stars)

Step Over (2 Stars)

Reverse Step Over (2 Stars)

Ball Roll (2 Stars)

Drag Back (2 stars)

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Heel To Heel Variation (2 Stars)

Heel Flick (3 Stars)

Flick up (3 Stars)

Roulette (3 Stars)

Fake Left Exit Right/Fake Right Exit Left (3 Stars)

Ball Hop (4 Stars)

Heel To Heel Flick (4 Stars)

Rainbow Flick (4 Stars)

Advanced Rainbow Flick (4 Stars)

Feint Left Exit Right/Feint Right Exit Left (4 Stars)

Ronaldo Chop (4 Stars)

Scoop Turn (4 Stars)

Ball Roll into Chop (4 Stars)

Ball ROll Stop (4 Stars)

Berba Spin (4 Stars)

Double Touch Spin (4 Stars)

Double Touch Exit ( 4 Stars)

Elastico (5 Stars)

Hocus Pocus (5 Stars)

Triple Elastico (5 Stars)

Neymar Hocus Pocus (5 Stars)

Sombrero Flick (5 Stars)

McGeady Spin (5 Stars)

Ball Roll Fake (5 Stars)

Rabona Fake (5 Stars)

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Elastico Chop (5 Stars)

Waka Waka (5 Stars)

Fancy Drag Back (5 Stars)

Laces Flick Up (5 Stars)

Sombrero Flick Backwards, Left, Right (5 Stars)

Malouda Flick (5 Stars)

Around The World (5 Stars)

In Air Elastico (5 Stars)

Flick Up For Volley (5 Stars)

T. Around The World (5 Stars)

Chest Flick (5 Stars)

In Air Rainbow Flick (5 Stars)

Running Scoop Turn (5 Stars)

Running Waka Waka (5 Stars)

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LB = L1

LT = L2

RB = R1

RT = R2

B = Circle

Y = Triangle

X = Square

A = X