GOG Best Winter Sale also Giving Away 3 Fallout Titles Right Now

Best winter sale here at GOG, GOG is giving away 3 Fallout title in next 48 Hours, there will be no charge (ending at 8:59 AM Eastern on December 14).

This bundle will include Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics, all these titles are DRM-free versions and there will also be a 30 days money back guarantee. That means if in 30 days you buy any title game-breaking bugs or there are other technical problems, the purchase will be refunded. The game will be removed from your library and the full purchase price returned to the buyer.

The sale runs through December 29 through the guarantee is a permanent policy, with new deals popping up daily.

More over during this event every user can open one of three boxes each day that might have a free game or deep discount. The packages are split up into classics, newer titles, and random games.

You can check out the sale at GOG’s website.

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