Grand Theft Auto 5: Weapons and Armor Locations Guide


Lots of weapons like Assault Rifle, RPG, Mini Guns and Sniper Rifle, which can be found in the world of the GTA 5, as well as the armor to protect you from the police and other enemies.  Here we have the full map locations of all these weapons and armor. Check out the guide below:

  • Black is Marked as Weapons….
  • Red is Marked as Armor….
  • Black & Red is marked as both….


Weapons and Armor Locations

  1. 1.       Assault Rifle:

Location: Altruist Cult Camp, Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness:

Can be found inside the church porch.

  1. 2.       RPG:

Location: Government Record Database Center, NOOSE:

Use ladder on east side to reach the rooftop.

  1. 3.       RPG:

Location: La Puerto Freeway Bridge, LS international Airport:

  1. 4.       Minigun:

Parachute drop to the top of this bridge.

  1. 5.       Sniper Rifle:

Location: Fort Zancudo Control Tower 1, Zancudo Army Base:

Enter Tower 1 (try a helicopter drop near the tower to beat the heat), climb to the 6th floor, and enter the control room.

  1. 6.       Sniper Rifle:

Location: Radar Tower Los Santos international Airport:

Climb the ladder to reach the radar platform.

  1. 7.       Sniper Rifle:

Location: Observatory viewpoint, Galileo Observatory

Vinewood Hills: Next to the south-facing telescope

  1. 8.       Sniper Rifle:

Location: Palmer-Taylor Power Station:

On the ending of the chimney stack.

  1. 9.       Grenade Launcher:

Location: Water tower, Paleto Bay: Use a helicopter or a

parachute to drop down on to the top of this water tower.

  1. 10.   Grenade Launcher:

Location: Hangar catwalk, Los Santos international Airport:

Use stairs in the back of the hangar to reach the end of the catwalk.

  1. 11.   Assault Rifle

Location: San Andreas Ave Bridge, La Mesa:

Parachute drop or drive motorcycle up.

  1. 12.   Assault Rifle

Location: Gazebo, Richman:

In the corner gazebo of this mansion

  1. 13.   Assault Rifle

Location: Fort Zancudo:

Behind the gate of this security booth

  1. 14.   Assault Rifle

Location: Road Fork, Vinewood Hills:

On the edge of the raised palm tree planter.

  1. 15.   Assault Rifle

Location: SGW Stoner Cement Works, Grand Senora Desert:

On the ground near the road and entry gate.

  1. 16.   Assault Rifle

Location: Forest clearing, Raton Canyon:

On raised ground next to the din road.

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  1. 17.   Machine Gun:

Location: Beach Viewpoint, Paleto Bay:

In front of the park bench.

  1. 18.   Machine Gun:

Location: Bolingbroke Penitentiary:

Central guard station catwalk, use building 9A stairs to reach it.

  1. 19.   Machine Gun:

Location: Mount Chiliad:

Under the rail bridge

  1. 20.   Machine Gun:

Location: Tongva Hills:

Under Highway 1 Bridge.

  1. 21.   Pistol:

Location: San Andreas:

Vagos Gang House.

  1. 22.   Pistol:

Location: Richman:

Bleachers at University Track & Field.

  1. 23.   Pistol:

Location: Joshua Road, Harmony:

Back porch of burned down house.

  1. 24.   Pistol:

Location: Paleto Forest:

Next to roadside drain

  1. 25.   Pistol:

Location: Richman Glen:

Behind the gas station

  1. 26.   Pistol:

Location: La Puerta:

On wheel cover inside the junkyard bus.

  1. 27.   Pistol:

Location: Pacific Bluffs:

In open Grave.

  1. 28.   Pistol:

Location: Rancho:

Power station alleyway.

  1. 29.   Pistol:

Location: Grand Senora Desert:

Beside radio station dumpster

  1. 30.   SMG:

Location: La Mesa:

On train yard storage tank near skateboard park under the freeway.

  1. 31.   SMG:

Location: Davis:

In Grove Street backyard.

  1. 32.   SMG:

Location: Alta:

On the ground at El café Rojo de Madera.

  1. 33.   SMG:

Location: Davis Quartz:

On the catwalk at the quarry.

  1. 34.   SMG:

Location: Rehab Center, Richman Glen:

Under the covered sidewalk.

  1. 35.   SMG:

Location: Del Perro Beach Pier:

Under the pier

  1. 36.   Shotgun:

Location: Rockford Plaza, Burton:

On the median under Rockford Plaza.

  1. 37.   Shotgun:

Location: Lost Clubhouse, East Vinewood:

On a crate next to the couch outside the clubhouse.

  1. 38.   Shotgun:

Location: Vespucci Police Car Park:

On this stairwell.

  1. 39.   Shotgun:

Location: Paleto Bay:

At the end of this crop row.

  1. 40.   Shotgun:

Location: Grand Senora Desert:

On the porch of this house.

  1. 41.   Shotgun:

Location: Stab City:

Inside Lost trailer park shack.

  1. 42.   Grenades:

Location: San Shianski Mountain Range:

Outside the rail cabin.

  1. 43.   Grenades:

Location: Vinewood Hills:

Behind the Big Orange juice stand at the vista point.

  1. 44.   Grenades:

Location: Under Chumash beach house:

Between the supports of the beach front house.

  1. 45.   Grenades:

Location: Alamo Sea:

End of jetty (blast fishing, anyone?)

  1. 46.   Body Armor:

Location: Alamo Sea:

End of jetty (blast fishing, anyone?)

  1. 47.   Body Armor:

Location: Elysian Island:

Inside tower skeletal frame Dutch London.

  1. 48.   Body Armor:

Location: Dutch London Street, Rancho:

Behind the dumpster in the residential block.

  1. 49.   Body Armor:

Location: El Burro Heights:

Inside the fire training building behind LS County Fire Department Station Z and in front of the St. Fiacre Hospital.

  1. 50.   Body Armor:

Location: Del Perro, Maze Bank:

On the sidewalk in front of Maze Bank.

  1. 51.   Body Armor:

Location: Little Seoul:

Under the covered walkway at the museum.

  1. 52.   Body Armor:

Location: West Vinewood:

In front of the parking garage on S. l\4o Milton Drive; the building north of the Epsilon Estate.

  1. 53.   Body Armor:

Location: Hawick:

At the Pink Cage motel swimming pool

  1. 54.   Body Armor:

Location: Chumash:

Under this house on the beach.

  1. 55.   Body Armor:

Location: Great Chaparral:

Recess under this rock face.

  1. 56.   Body Armor:

Location: Fort Zancudo:

At the sewage works near the army base.

  1. 57.   Body Armor:

Location: Mount Josiah:

Next to the tracks leading into this tunnel.

  1. 58.   Body Armor:

Location: Mount Josiah:

Next to the tracks leading into this tunnel.

  1. 59.   Body Armor:

Location: Land Act Dam:

Inside the dam building

  1. 60.   Body Armor:

Location: Palmer-Taylor Power Station:

Inside the train station beside the power station.

  1. 61.   Body Armor:

Location: Vinewood Hills:

Climb the ladder to reach the top of the storage tank

  1. 62.   Body Armor:

Location: Redwood Lights Track:

On the tank in the construction site (near the Letter Scrap). Richman Glen gas station; On the wall next to the building.

  1. 63.   Body Armor:

Location: Tongva Hills:

On the deck of the Marlowe Vineyard restaurant

  1. 64.   Body Armor:

Location: Galilee:

At the Millars fishery.

  1. 65.   Body Armor:

Location: Paleto Forest:

Behind the Paleto Bay police station.

  1. 66.   Body Armor:

Location: Sandy Shores:

Behind the Sandy Shores Medical Centerin a nook beside the generator gate.

  1. 67.   Body Armor:

Location: Vinewood Police Department, Hawick:

Under the garage overhang.

  1. 68.   Body Armor:

Location: Los Santos Police Department, Mission Row:

Inside the police station lobby.

  1. 69.   Body Armor:

Location: Vespucci Police Department, Vespucci Canals:

On the garage rooftop patio.

  1. 70.   Body Armor:

Location: Police Station, Rancho:

In the back corner behind the wall of the Sheriff’s office, next to the towing lot.

  1. 71.   Body Armor:

Location: Los Santos international Airport:

Under this overhang.

  1. 72.   Body Armor:

Location: Vespucci:

At the end of the pier walkway

  • Astral_Element

    I appreciate your attempt at creating this guide but I have found that there are allot of errors which ends up being frustrating. Please revise this guide!

  • blurry444

    This is a great guide! For those still having trouble finding the armor and weapons just bring Chop with you to the general location marked on the map and have him hunt for pick-ups

  • Shay Wasserman

    The numbers dont match the map

    • Astral_Element

      Yeah, thats right. The that the numbering is off unfortunately.

  • Robbie

    stupid map its not accurate I was looking for grenades and when I got to location 43 it was body armor. So I have to assume the map is totally inaccurate

  • Robbie

    I know there is a bunch of weapons and armor under water because I found them when doing the submarine missions. but hey are a pain to get since the sub is so slow and the stupid shark will get you you can’t fight him underwater