Grand Theft Auto V Rampages Locations Guide

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Completing all Rampages challenges will increase your weapon accuracy in GTA V. Your Rampage goal is to take down the required number of enemies within time. The interesting thing is that your wanted level will not increase during this challenge, so start the rampage and open blind fire.

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Take a look on our marked map below to reach your destination easily.


GTA V Rampage 1

Neutralize 25 Rednecks in 2 Minutes (Location: Mark 1)

To start the first Rampage, after completing ‘Trevor Philips Industries’ mission, switch to Trevor. The Rampage one’s goal is to take down 25 enemies in just two minutes (Not a Big Deal). But if you want to get Gold award, you must get 45 kills, 3 headshots and destroy 2 vehicles. Take Trevor to the orange ‘?’ icon in Sandy Shores on Marina Drive (See Mark 1 on Map). At the Liquor Market, locate two rednecks, sitting on plastic chairs in front of the store. You need to start fight with them and the Rampage with start automatically. Get them all especially vehicle, use RPG or Grenade to destroy them all and complete your challenge.

GTA V Rampage 2

Neutralize 30 Gang Members (Location: Mark 2)

Take down 30 Gang Members to complete this challenge but to get Gold award, you will have to get 45 kills, 6 headshots and destroy 2 vehicles. Locate orange ‘?’ on mark, you can also see our custom Mark 2 on above map. At the corner of Macdonald Street and Jamestown Street in Rancho, Los Santos, start the fight with a couple Mexican Gang Members. Your 2nd rampage has started; now take down enemies and vehicles to complete this goal.

GTA V Rampage 3

Neutralize 30 Gang Members (Location: Mark 3)

The third rampage is also requiring taking down 30 gang members in 2 minutes. For gold award, get 50 kills, 6 headshots and destroy 2 vehicles. As usual, locate orange ‘?’ in map (See Mark 3 on Our Custom Map above) drive in Chamberlain Hills, Los Santos. Now Trevor will start fight with a couple of Ballas Gang Members and grab an AK47 weapon. Now it’s all up to you to kill all and get gold award or just complete goal.

GTA V Rampage 4

Neutralize 32 Attacking Soldiers (Location: Mark 4)

To complete Rampage 4, you will need to kill 32 soldiers in 3 minutes and to get gold award, get 45 kills, 6 headshots and destroy 2 tanks. Follow the orange ‘?’ in map (See Mark 4 in our Custom Map Above) get on the road in Great Chaparral on Fort Zancudo. Trevor goes to a couple of soldiers to change a tire on their military Canis Crusader. During conversion, a soldier will make fun with Trevor’s Canadian accent. How can Trevor bear this, so fight starts? He grabs a Grenade Launcher from the back of the military vehicle and takes their vehicles and tanks. Use covers to take them all easy.

GTA V Rampage 5

Neutralize 20 Hipsters (Location: Mark 5)

Last rampage here and you will need to defeat 20 hipsters in 2 minutes to complete this goal, to hold gold award, get 30 kills, 10 headshots and destroy 2 vehicles. Again, heading to the orange ‘?’ icon on the map (See Mark 5 in our Custom Map) in Mirror Park, Los Santos. Trevor will run into a hipster across from Mirror Park Tavern near Cool Beans Coffee House. He throws the kid’s phone in the street to start the heat and fight will start. Grab a shotgun and Grenades from beside the table and goes off. Now use this weaponry and complete this challenge.

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