Grand Theft Auto V Triathlon Races Locations Guide


Grand Theft Auto V features many sports games such as darts, tennis, golf, triathlons races and many others. Triathlons races are one of the best activities in GTA V. There are total three triathlons races that can be start with any character to increase physical condition and improve strength and stamina. You will be guided triathlons races locations and full guide after the break.

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After the completing ‘Fame or Shame’ mission, you can participate with any character in triathlons race event. When you complete the race, the next race will unlock. Triathlon is not a simple race, it includes multi-sport such as swimming, running and cycling. You need to sprint hardly in race and have to win, if not, you will be disqualified.


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Triathlon Race 1

Vespucci Triathlon, Location: See Mark 1 on Map

The first triathlon race is very small, just go to Vespucci Beach, airport peninsula. Get registered on the register table, here the race will start.

Swimming: First of all, you will need to swim, hold the sprint button to swim. Also tap the sprint button will release more speed. To swim fast, you can swim unwater for more speed but also keep looking on your lungs stamina nor you may die and the race will be over.

Cycling: After reaching to the checkpoint 4, here choose any bike and head to northwest up the Vespucci bike route, keep on mark route, don’t cheat or don’t use off-road area.

Running: When you reach on checkpoint 19, your will automatically get off the cycle. Here, you will need to show your running stamina. You can use the corners and use cheat here, run tight corners and use off-road.

At the checkpoint 24, head to finish line, your race will be over.

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Triathlon Race 2

Alamo Sea Triathlon, Location: See Mark 2 on Map

To start the second triathlon race, go to Grapeseed, find the registration table on the east beach of the Alamo Sea.

Swimming: Here, you will need to swim first as above. Jump into water and keep your aim for the left edge of the checkpoint.

Cycling: The second part of this race is also cycling, at the beginning of Zancudo Avenue, get the closest cycle and head to the route mark. The cycling portion will end on checkpoint 18.

Running: You will have to drop the cycle at checkpoint no. 18. Stat running and use the right corner and heading to Niland Avenue. At checkpoint 22, finish line here and you may win. The race will no award you any money or bonus but it will unlock the third and final triathlon race.

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Triathlon Race 3

Coyote Cross Country Triathlon, Location: See Mark 3 on Map

The third and final race is very longest, will take almost 30 minutes to complete and covers almost half of the map. The race contains 119 check points inducing the swimming, cycling and running. The race starts from Sandy Shores and will end Pacific Bluffs.

Swimming: This race is also starting with swimming and covers 1 to 7 checkpoints. Swim through underwater may increase some speed and will avoid the surface waves.

Cycling:  This portion is longest of this race and will run checkpoint 9 to 85. Head to the checkpoints through the Blaine Country down through Vinewood, Downtown, and then head east to circle nearly the entire city, passing through Downtown, East and South Los Santos, Little Seoul, Vespucci, Morningwood, Rockford Hills, and ending at the Richman Hotel. There are plenty of corner-cutting opportunities to mention.

Running: The running portion is the last stage of this race and covers checkpoint 86 to 119. There is no any short-cuts or cheat corners. Sprint to the finish line to complete the race and make sure you are the first.