Grand Theft Auto V: Assassination Missions Locations Guide


Grand Theft Auto has various story missions but there are also a lot of things to do such as side missions. The Assassination missions are also requiring completing 100% of game. There are total 5 assassination missions to do and can be picked different places.

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Take a look on below map and black marks to location assassination missions one by one.


First Assassination Mission

Hotel Assassination, Location: Del Perro Pier (Mark 1)

The first assassination mission located near Del Perro Pier (see mark 1 on map). You can start this mission after completing of ‘Fame or Shame’ mission and switching character to Franklin. You will receive a call from Lester about ‘a little side work’. He set up a meeting at a green ‘L’ icon, you may see easily on Franklin’s map. You have 90 seconds to take down the target. After completing leave the area and mission is done.

Reward: On the completing of mission, you will receive $7000 as base reward, $2000 as sniper kill bonus and base + bonus money as well.

Second Assassination Mission

The Multi Target Assassination, Location: LTD Gas Station, Little Seoul (Mark 2)

You can locate the second assassination mission after completing the ‘Hotel Assassination’ and ‘The Merryweather Heist’. You will have to kill four targets in this mission. Go to LTD Gas Station and get near to the payphones near the big car wash sign. You may face off some trouble at a construction site in Pillbox Hill which results in the dire consequences for the company involved. Gold Coast Development, buy a lot of stock shares of them.

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You have just nine minutes to take down all targets.

  1. First Target: The first target is a body builder; he hangs out at Muscle Sands in Vespucci Beach. Chase him, and take down with drive-gun method. Don’t miss him, nor will he speed away heading north.
  2. Second Target: The second target is north near yacht off the coast of Pacific Bluffs, Pipeline Inn. Follow red-route; use the Franklin special ability to go through tight spaces. After reaching the parking a lot, here get a good Sniper Rifle with an advanced scope. Take him down and heading south.
  3. Third Target: Go to West Vinewood on the Eclipse Medical Tower. Here, follow the red route and drive to Eclipse Boulevard. Now find the window washer platform, use the Sniper Rifle and take down the window washer.
  4. Fourth Target: The last target is a biker, so find a bike and head to Vinewood Hills. Now spot the Marlowe Drive and take him down to complete this mission.

Reward: You will receive $5000 as base reward; kill all targets as quickly as possible to receive more money.

Third Assassination Mission

The Vice Assassination, Location: San Andreas Avenue, Pillbox Hill (Mark 3)

You can start this mission after completing the ‘The Multi Target Assassination’ and ‘I Fought the Law’ missions and will be located at San Andreas Avenue, Pillbox Hill (Mark 3). Your objective, watch a prostitute and take down the Skinner to complete mission. Go to ‘L’ icon to a pair of payphones on San Andreas Avenue in Pillbox Hill district. Head of product development at Façade, Jackson Skinner is the target; he’s selling private customer data to global cyber-criminals.

You will need to follow a Skinner’s regular girl, don’t shoot anyone, and wait until she gets into a car. Now spot the target, who is driver of the car.

After completing the all targets, Franklin will call to Lester automatically to report. Lester will also give signal to start next assassination mission ‘The Bus Assassination’.

Reward: You will receive $3000 as money reward.

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Forth Assassination Mission

The Bus Assassination, Location: Vinewood Sports, Hawick Avenue (Mark 2)

Your main objective in this mission, Steal the Bus, Drive to each bus stop until the target is located, Assassinate the target then lose the cops. Go to ‘L’ icon to a payphone in front of Vinewood Sports on Hawick Avenue. The target is Isaac Penny, a ruthless venture capitalist about to gain control of Vapid Motors then lay off thousands of its autoworkers.

Follow the blue route to get the bus on Dashound Bus Center off Swiss Street, now start its route. You will need to drive bus to its route and stop every stop until the target located. After spotting the target, chase him and take him down quickly. Now lose the cops and mission is done.

Reward: $5000 as money, kill target with bus will give extra money.

Fifth and Final Assassination Mission

The Construction Assassination, Location: Liquor Mart, Corner of Supply & Popular Streets (Mark 5)

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In the final mission of assassination, go to construction site, use elevators to reach the roof, assassinate the target then leave the area. You can start this mission after completing ‘The Bus Assassination’. Go to ‘L’ icon at the payphone outside the Liquor Market at the corner of Supply and Popular Streets. The target is Enzo Bonelli, a mob boss turned real estate developer. Go to construction site, now locate elevators and use them to reach your destination. Now assassinate the Enzo then leave the area to complete this mission.

Reward: $8000 for take down the target, $2000 for shooting down the helicopter and base + bonus extra.