PlayStation 4 Blue Light Blinking Issues


It is much known issue, the blue light blinking but PS4 not showing the display or not indicating white light. But first of all, we should know about the light indicators, what happened with color light. The blue light indicates that console is powering on, the white light signals that console is now powered on and functional. The orange light shows console as standby; as for much the red light indicates that PS4 is over-heating.

If you next-gen console, PlayStation 4’s blue indicator light blinking, no audio/video output, and console turning-off after blinking blue. There are many causes such as there is some issue with PS4 power supply, hard drive or other hardware.

Try below all solutions to fix this blue light blinking issues:

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PS4 Power Supply Troubleshooting

  1. Very first, turn-off PlayStation 4
  2. Disconnect power cable
  3. Make sure, the power plug, cable or plug socket (In PS4) is functional or not damaged (in case of damage change the power cord cable. If PS4 power socket is damaged, you should go for service or repairing)

You can also troubleshoot the HDMI input/output cable and connectors that everything fine.

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Hard Drive Trouble Shooting

  1. As above, turn-off PS4 and disconnect the power cord and other cables as well
  2. Now slide the HDD bay cover
  3. Now take a deep look on the hard drive and related area and make sure it is properly sealed and tight. If hard drive loose then you may face off the blue blinking issue.
  4. If hard drive looks damaged then you must replace the PlayStation 4’s hard drive. The new hard drive must be no thicker than 9.5mm and is larger than 160 GB.

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Software Troubleshooting

If PlayStation 4’s hard drive and power supply got working and good condition, now you can start your console in Safe Mode. You can get detailed help that how to start PS4 in safe mode and which options should be chosen. In Safe Mode options, you can select Restore Default Settings to fix this issue.

If problem persists then go for Service or repairing…