Ryse: Son of Rome – How to Earn FREE Gold

Ryse-Son-of-Rome-free- gold

Earn free gold in Ryse: Son of Rome, with the help of Ryse Comics. How? – Here we have the guide how you can earn the free gold with the help of this Comics. Not much hard and fake, but it is officially given by the game owners.

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Earn FREE Gold

Follow these steps below out find out how you can get the free gold in the game. The gold will be used for making upgrades to your character and also for some other stuff.

  • First of all you need to go to this Comics linkhttp://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/games/ryse/comic/
  • At the main screen you will see 3 Comics books of Ryse. Look around the pages of the digital comic issues for pouches/purses of gold.
  • Click on them and enter your Gamertag so that you can get the in game Gold.

You will end up getting maxed out with 50/50 gold before finding all the gold that is actually in each comic.


The comic doesn’t seem to keep track of your collected gold across the separate books and if you refresh the browser, the gold unlocks and “confirmation popup” tracking reset.

You don’t have to be signed into xbox.com. You could get the Gold for your Friends as a nice surprise as you only have to manually enter a Gamertag.

Collected 50 in each comic and have yet to see anything saying that more gold was awarded to my game, and haven’t noticed an extra 150 gold in there

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Claudius Gold Locations:

Page 5:

At the bottom pane, on the belt of the barbarian who is impaled on the pike to the right.

Page 6:

At top pane on left side belt of attacking barbarian

Page 8:

At top pane on right side next to the old man

page 14:

At top pane in the left hand palm of the soldier

Page 17:

At top pane next to hand of fallen soldier

Page 19:

At top pane on the left

Porcius Gold locations:

Page 4:

At bottom pane on top of the wagon on the right

Page 7:

At top pane on belt of soldier in the middle

Page 10:

At bottom pan, left side on the belt of the barbarian

Page 14:

At top pane, on belt of soldier in the middle (purple cape)

Page 20:

At top pane, left section, on the belt of the soldier in the red cape

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HELVA Gold Locations:

This Comic is not released yet.