Saints Row 4: How the Saints Save Christmas Trophies List


Saints Row IV has been received a new DLC regarding to Christmas eve entitled ‘How the Saints Save Christmas’. Check below the complete list that can be earned in PS3 version of the game. There are total 10 trophies including 4 hidden; and 7 Bronze and 3 Silver.

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Saints Row 4: How the Saints Save Christmas PS3 Trophies Guide

…A Saint Gets a Gun (Bronze)

Ring all the bells in town in ‘Miracle on 3rd Street’.

How Many Licks Does it Take? (Silver)

Lick the candy cane barricade all the way through in ‘The Fight Before Christmas’.

Get that Kid to a Psychologist (Bronze)

Find all the snowmen vignettes in the North Pole.

Dear Santa (Bronze)

Find all the letters to Santa in the holiday missions.

A Very Genki Holiday (Bronze)

Complete all instances of Genki Holiday.

Make a List, Check it Twice (Bronze)

Complete all instances of Naughty and Nice.

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Hidden Trophies:

He’s Still on the Naughty List (Bronze)

Delivered a present to Zinyak in ‘The Santa Clawz’.

*BEEP* YOU, CLAWZ! (Silver)

Completed all three missions.

Our Gift to You (Silver)

Found the present in a holiday mission.

A World without Christmas (Bronze)

Completed the holiday text adventure.

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