Thief 2014 Ancient Figurine (Easter Egg) and Hidden Focus Point Location Guide


Eidos Montreal highlights nods to classic Thief, alongside some new puzzles and secrets. There are about 9 unique items that you can loots throughout the game, you can also call them the secrets of the thief or may Easter Eggs, because they are lite bit hard to find and if you find the hidden path which leads you to the location of the item, still you need to solve a puzzle to get it.

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Here we have the location of the first unique item named as Ancient Figurine (A Statue Of Gold Holding A Large Key) and also the location of the Focus Point (You can upgrade your any one of the ability with it).


The Keeper’s underground “Forgotten Ruins

The Forbidden Library’s underground “Scriptorium” and Training Mission Room

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Ancient Figurine and Hidden Focus Point:

Here below we have the video of the exact location and also the guide to solve the puzzle and how you can get the clues to solve the puzzle for the other items.

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