Thief 2014 PC Crashes, Low FPS, Black Screen, Mouse Lag and other Fixes


Play as Garret, the Master Thief, steps out of the shadows into the City. In this treacherous place, where the Baron’s Watch spreads a rising tide of fear and oppression, his skills are the only things he can trust. Even the most cautious citizens and their best-guarded possessions are not safe from his reach. The PC version of the game has some issues such as mouse lag, fps problem, crash to desktop, and other major errors.

Thief PC Requirements

Thief PC Minimum Requirements

  • Operating Systems: Windows Vista with Platform Update
  • Processor: Dual Core or Quad Core CPU
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon 4800 series or NVidia GTS 250
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Hard Drive: 20 GB

Thief PC Recommended Requirements

  • Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows 8 (32nit or 64-bit)
  • Processor: AMD FX 8000 series, Intel Quad i7 Core or better CPU
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD R9 series, NVidia GTX 660 series or better
  • DirectX: Version 11

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Thief 2014 PC General Fixes

To fix Thief general problems, errors and issues, go with General Fixes.

Thief 2014 Random Crashes or Crash to Desktop – Fix

First of all, make sure you have installed all redistributables such as DirectX, Microsoft Visual C++, .Net Framework 4.5 and NVidia PhysX etc. Also try the following solutions.

  • Update graphic cards drivers to the latest.
  • Make sure your operating System is up-to-date.
  • Try to start the game in low graphic settings.
  • Disable Anti-Virus or Firewall programs before start the game.
  • If you have installed programs such as MSI Afterburner, Asus GamerOSD or SmartDoctor, you should remove them all from you system.
  • If you are using an overclock hardware, try to reset them to factory settings.
  • Check your Processor and Graphic Card temperature, sometimes the overheated hardware generate problems.
  • Verify the game cache and local files from Steam Option.

Note: To verify the Thief cache and local files from Steam, just right click on Thief from Steam game library. Select Properties, now select Local Files Tab then hit on ‘Verify Integrity of Game Cache’. Now wait and let the Steam work.

Thief 2014 – How to skip Intro Videos?

To skip Thief’s introduction videos, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Thief\ThiefGame\Config
  2. Locate ThiefEngine.ini file and open it into Notepad
  3. Now change StartupMovies=PROG_GUI_Video.StartupVideoPlayer to ;StartupMovies=PROG_GUI_Video.StartupVideoPlayer
  4. Save the changes and done.

Thief 2014 – How to fix ‘Timed Fade’ option for HUD?

While health, focus, inventory and ammo set to ‘Timed Fade’ option in game and HUD menu, the fade remains just 50% opacity. To fix this problem, follow the instructions.

  1. Open game folder
  2. Go to ThiefGame\Config\ThiefUI.ini
  3. Open this file to Notepad
  4. Now find the lines ‘mInvSelectionAlphaMin=mHealthAlphaMin= and mFocusAlphaMin= and change their values to 0.0f;
  5. Now save and exit

Thief 2014 isn’t running or other Launch Issues – Fix

Thief has also some launch issue such as nothing happen after double click, a black screen comes on launch or other related issues. Apply the following tricks to solve this issue.

  • Make sure your hardware drivers and operating system up-to-date.
  • Install or update DirectX, Visual C++, .Net Framework and other redistributables.
  • Install Steam client.
  • Verify the Thief Integrity Cache Files from Steam.

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Thief 2014 Running Slow or Bad FPS – Fix

Very first, you must know about the game’s requirements as I shared at the top. Hardware’s drivers must be up-to-date. Run game in lowest graphic settings and resolution as well. The increasing or decreasing of resolution may fix this issue, sometime works. You should try to disable Anti-Virus, Firewalls or other third-party security programs. Disable background applications before start the game may enhance game performance and Framerates. If the game installed on external or portable hard drive, you must move your game into internal one.

Thief game requires DirectX 11 graphic cards but some DirectX 10 GPU users can also play the game. But they face off low FPS or lag issues. As well as the system’s processor also count, if you have Core 2 Dou or less you should upgrade it.

Thief 2014 No Cut-scenes Sound, Delayed Dialogue Voices or other Sound Problems

The sound issues in Thief are very known as for much no footsteps sounds, delayed dialogues voices, no cut-scenes sound are major issues. You can try the following suggestions to fix these issues, hope it works. (Note: The Polish and Czech users can face-off these issues, it is recommended to change it to English or other language.)

  1. Make sure you have installed or updated DirectX
  2. Turn-off V-Sync for delayed sound or voices.
  3. Install the latest sound drivers such as Realtek or Creative Sound Blasters.
  4. Right click on audio tray icon, select Playback devices, click speakers and then Configure, here test sound and select the exact option.
  5. For more guide, go with No Sound, Delay Sound, Missing Dialogues, Stuttering Fix

Thief 2014 – Black Screen or Crashed after Loading

It is very known problem especially for NVidia graphic card users. To fix this problem, just add game in NVidia Control Panel and select High Performance NVidia Processor from preddered graphics processor for this program. That’s it, hope it will fix this issue.

Thief 2014 – How to reduce Mouse Lag?

The quick and easy fix to reduce mouse lag, run your game in Exclusive Fullscreen mode, go to graphic options and enable it. In case you don’t want to use this mode, then you must disable ‘one frame thread lag’ from the configuration file named BaseEndinge.ini.

  1. Open game folder, where your game installed
  2. Navigate to Thief\Engine\Config\BaseEngine.ini
  3. Open this file in Notepad
  4. Now find the line ‘OneFrameThreadLag=True’
  5. Just change value ‘True’ to ‘False’ like OneFrameThreadLag=False’
  6. That’s it.

Thief 2014 Start-up Black Screen – Fix

If you are facing Black Screen on start up or when you launch the game. There are two ways to fix this issue. A quick and easy way to fix this issue that run game in windowed mode and the other solution, delete or move save game file then start a new game will fix this issue.

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Work in Progress…

  • Ryan Ju Rock Solmon

    have a black screen and running in window mode doesn’t help

    • Khurram

      hey, can u upload ur “Config” folder… its located in (Thief Game Folder)…. upload it and give the link here….
      want to check UI settings…

      • Konrad Kubiszyn

        I have black screen ,too and whatever tips don’t help me ,i try to reinstal game but that didn’t work …help.

    • Guest

      I have black screen ,too and whatever tips don’t help me ,i try to reinstal game but that didn’t work …help

    • Kiranmanoj

      wait for sum time…..5-10 mins..i also have this as admin and wait for sum time..mine fixed this way..each time i start the game i have to do it.and i am using intel HD graphics 2000..which suckz..

  • AndrewFox

    So when im playing this game doesn’t matter if its set on min or max settings game just randomly jams for a sec or more and then goes again on max fps. It can do something like this 2-3 times in one min. Anyone got something like this too ?
    Got quad q9550, 4gb ram, gtx 560ti 1gb, hdd 64mb cache 500gb.
    Also this game uses 100% of my CPU and its a first game based on UE 3 engine that does so. While my GPU is loaded max 60-70%. For example Bioshock Infinte uses 99% of GPU and 60-70% CPU. So whats the deal with this game ?

    • Danny R.

      Poor optimization if you ask me, I’m using a 3770k and one thread goes all the way up to 70~80% utilization while the other 7 threads are around 25~30%.

    • ANkush Hor

      Same problem with me brother..I don’t get it,The game runs at a framerate of like 35-40 fps,my rig is AMD FX-6100,ATI Radeon HD 6790 Mhz version,4 gib of ram Corsair Vengeance…It plays smooth but lags like..its jamming and then goes to normal..I even set the settings to Low aswell as the Resolution,but still the problem persists..this game’s poorly optimized from what I can understand,Will need to wait for an update patch or something..BUT for now am downloading the catalyst 14.2 beta driver,its said to be optimized for THIEF..this is my last try for now

      • alok nath basak

        Exact the same problem here

  • radius doe

    this game is very poorly optimized…hope they release a patch soon…and the mouse lag is terrible…and no matter what I do, I can’t get a constant framerate..this game is anything but smooth…and I don’t find the graphics that demanding…my rig should massacre this game…I’ll put it aside for now, until they release a patch ..I hope they do…

  • Henery Joy

    You have problems with this game???I tried it and I only encountered the black screen issue and the second time i started it, it actually started 😀 I don’t have lag or low FPS.I play it on 1280×720 resolution, everything except SSAA on max, all the ticks are ticked 😀 (hardening shadows, parralax, etc.)

  • George Bogdan

    HEEEELP ! I have been playing games for 15+ years never got stuck in a bug like this : Garret seems to be moving constantly to the left w/o me pressing anything , tried other games (no prob ) tried , xbox controller the same, tried restarting reloading even new game but still the same garret keeps moving to the left by himself WTF:????

  • AndrewFox

    It worked for me atleast. Guys if you have good fps but game is jamming just like i posted it before. Try to run it in 32bit mode its using only 800mb ram and 90% of cpu instead of 1.8gb and 99-100% cpu. Its just in binariers folder so it shouldnt be a problem for ya

    • Jerry

      How do you start the game in 32bit mode? (I have Win7 64)

      • AndrewFox

        just go to steam folder, commonapp, thief binaries win32 and its 32bit version,

        • Jerry

          thx mate

  • Simon Goodwin

    Having crashes when attempting to steal from the first guard in the first mission, no idea what to do. The game just immediately says “Thief has stopped working”,

    • Angoro Yucelinski

      Exact the same problem here..

      • Simone Camanini

        Me too… Do you have found any solutions?

    • SPARTA7

      the same problem

    • Kiranmanoj

      i am also gettting this crash..but it happense for me when..the game shows loading when u start the game..

  • Alex Carmichael

    I fixed my black screen issue. I run on Windows 8.1, so I decided to run my program into compatibility mode and have it run as a windows 7 program rather than 8 or 8.1 After waiting a few moments from launch, ran just fine, aside from the game’s initial problems to begin with.

  • AndrewFox

    This should help all of you guys having lags and shutters.

    but if you dont want to start new game here is my solution for that:
    Go to ThiefThiefGameConfig and then Locate ThiefEngine.ini

    find PoolSize and change it from 0 to 512 or 1024.
    then StopIncreasingLimit set it to 30 or 40
    MinTimeToGuaranteeMinMipCount this one must be 0
    MaxTimeToGuaranteeMinMipCount and that 1
    FLightPrimitiveInteractionInitialBlockSize= 1024 or 2048 (1/4 of your total RAM memory)
    FModShadowPrimitiveInteractionInitialBlockSize same as up
    Save the file and set it to “read-only”

  • Clayton

    I can play everything except this at medium-high on 60fps so why the fuck is this running on very low with low resolution like a slideshow?
    (nvidia btw)

    • Sean

      Developers thought it was a good idea to optimize it mostly for AMD. They really need to balance it. Hopefully in the next couple of patches they’ll fix it… Still waiting for a nVidia driver.

  • Novosel Tomislav

    I don’t see my problem listed here, I can play the game, the problem is that the game once saves and after some time it has some unexpected error and returns me to the menu and to the last good save

  • Rayhan

    my gpu iz ATI radeon 5450 … game at the time of starting after loading the game…it stops n closes!! help plz :/