What We Want to See More In Xbox One – Some Suggestions


As with the release on Xbox  One on 22 November, lots of players are now enjoying the games on it. But as there is nothing which can satisfies a Gamer, same with the Xbox One. So far Xbox one is the best and users of Xbox are enjoying it, but they need some improvements in it with its upcoming updates.

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Suggestions and Updates:

Here we have the some Suggestions that Microsoft should do with Xbox one and should be added in it with their updates. Below you see what users want, if you want to something in it go ahead and write it in comments below.

  • Battery indicator
  • Friends coming online notifications
  • Skype Usable in Snap Mode
  • While using Play To on Xbox Music in snap mode, Game should not be pause and swap to Xbox Music in snap every time next song play.
  • Game should be run in full screen mood while Xbox Music plays in the background. Just like on X360.
  • Dedicated app which helps user to access music, video and picture files stored on computer. (Not with Sky Drive to add files). Exactly how it is on the X360, it’s perfect.
  • Able to see recent players, Just like on X360.
  • A Guide to give quick access to Friends, Parties, Achievements, Notifications and Media, without leaving the game.

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  • Default Save Game: Like X360, very useful, would love each game to recognize when I am holding the controller.
  • Some flexibility on voice commands, Enable more ways to say the same thing, rather than having to say the exact wording.
  • Independent Volume Control for snap and your main screen.
  • Quick way to see the friends status (Online or Offline), also to see the Achievements rather than Go to notifications and then have to load the achievements app. Also some improvements in Achievements page.
  • Auto-Login without kinect
  • An app or something like task manager which shows which programs are running
  • 3D Blu-Ray support
  • Ability to purchase games and set games and apps to download from the website or smartglass app

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  • Add 5.1 and 7.1 dolby digital options for optical audio.
  • ability to play or watch a wide variety of file types (.mp3, .mp4, .mkv, .avi etc.)
  • Internet Explorer 10 should be updated to Internet Explorer 11
  • Virtual keyboard for XBox via SmartGlass
  • Drive space manager manually
  • Ability to join friends game in progress
  • Ability to join friends party
  • Ability to stretch square videos to widescreen
  • Zohak Diaz

    Gears of war

  • Patmann46

    Being able to say a number of “ticks” you want to volume to go up or down (ie “Xbox, volume down 1-10” instead of the “volume down” defaulting to 2 “ticks”.

  • jb223

    To the point about utilizing more video file types, does the Xbox One only support WMV? If so, why even have a video feature at all? WMV is totally horrible, every single one of the file formats you listed are infinitely superior to wmv imo